Terms of Advertising

1. Station(s) invoices shall be rendered throughout the month and shall be due and payable with ten (10) days from the date of invoice. Eighteen percent (18%) interest per annum may be charged on delinquent accounts. Statement of accounts shall be sent monthly and will show current status of account.

2. Station(s) shall have the right to cancel any contract upon default by advertiser in the payment of bills or other material breech. Upon cancellation, all broadcasting done with station(s) and not paid become immediately due and payable at the earned rate. Advertiser shall pay any and all attorneys’ fees in the event any legal action is necessary to enforce these terms.

3. Advertising contracts are subject to termination by either party upon fourteen (14) days prior written notice.

4. Advertising contracts are subject to “short rate” or “rebate” by earned frequency.

5. New businesses, high credit-risk business, political advertising or any type of entertainment advertising require payment in advance of air unless station(s) permission is granted in writing by General or Sales Management.

6. Advertiser shall hold station(s) and its agents, employees and officers, harmless against liability for libel, slander, illegal completion or trade practice, infringement of trademarks, trade names, program titles, violation of rights of privacy and infringement of copyrights and proprietary rights resulting from the broadcasts in the form furnished by advertiser. Advertiser warrants that all advertising copy submitted to station(s) will truly represent the product or services and will be free from false claims or assertions.

7. Station(s) have the right to accept or deny advertising to any person, business or place unless in the case of political advertising subject to laws of United States Congress and the great state of Missouri.

These Mid-West Family Marketing radio stations do not discriminate in the sale of advertising time, and will accept no advertising that is placed with an intent to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. Any Mid-West Family advertiser must certify that it is not buying broadcasting air time for a discriminatory purpose, including but not limited to decisions not to place advertising on particular stations on the basis of race, national origin, or ancestry.