Community Relations

The phrase “Community Relations” describes Mid-West Family Marketing.

With interactions within the community, whether it be by media, events, partnerships, or even volunteering, Mid-West Family Marketing goes above and beyond to create something more than an ordinary relationship with the community.

Mid-West Family Marketing demonstrates community relations by having interactions with local residents, community associations, sports leagues, online networks, non-for-profits, and many other different groups of individuals. Not only does this signify something more than ordinary relationships, but also gives Mid-West Family Marketing the opportunity to help out in the community and build those relationships.

The phrase “Community Relations” is often misunderstood. Mid-West Family Marketing best describes Community Relation as a company’s interactions with the community that it resides in. Achieving relationships with organizations around the community is a goal for many of Mid-West Family Marketing’s stations. Just an example: 92.9 The Beat, our Top 40 station has many different partnerships with organizations in the community such as Child Advocacy Center, Lost and Found, and Harmony House. Mid-West Family Marketing takes great pride in helping out within the community.

Here are just a few of Mid-West Family Marketing Partners:

Springfield Little Theatre
Community Partnership of the Ozarks
Boys and Girls Club
Gillioz Theatre
Sertoma Club
Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Dickerson Park Zoo
American Legion post 639
Motorcycle Rides across the Ozarks
Shoebox for Soldiers
Springfield Greene County Park board
Ozarks on Two Wheels
Child Advocacy Center
Lost & Found Grief Center
Harmony House

With these great relationships within the community, Mid-West Family Marketing is able to show their passion and support as well as be part of something bigger. Local Businesses and Partners give the community its own flavor and by supporting those partners, Mid-West Family Marketing is able to ensure that uniqueness is preserved as a part of your community.