Mid-West Family Broadcasting is a locally owned company that offers many different services to help promote clients and businesses through our four radio stations, Q102.1, 104.7 The Cave, 92.9 The Beat and 105.1 The Bull.

Our services include:

Radio Advertising- Radio works! Our four radio stations, Q102.1, 104.7 The Cave, 92.9 The Beat and 105.1 The Bull cover a wide variety of demographics and gives us the tools we need to help businesses become successful.

Events- Mid-West Family Broadcasting looks for opportunities to help promote clients and are responsible for a lot of work which in return helps promote your business as well as enhances your brand. Our events and promotions department offers a lot of opportunities for clients to go out in the public at our very own station events throughout the entire year.

Marketing Strategy- Mid-West Family and their team will walk you through our proven system and how it works, but most importantly we’ll learn “why you?”  Why do people come to you?  What’s going on in their world right before they reach out to you?

Brandsformation- Chuck Mefford is one of the top marketing strategists in the country and he specializes in helping “Good Local Businesses Become Great Local Brands.”

Since 2002 Mid-West Family Broadcasting has been proud to bring Chuck’s “Brandsformation” workshop to Springfield to teach local business owners real, measurable R.O.I.

Production- Mid-West Family Broadcastings production department, known as Sound Factory, offers full commercial audio services as well as script writing. From brainstorming ideas, to sound effects, music beds and voice work, Sound Factory delivers the very best.

Community Relations- With interactions within the community, whether it be by media, events, partnerships, or even volunteering, Mid-West Family Broadcasting goes above and beyond to create something more than an ordinary relationship with the community.

Around the Ozarks- “Around the Ozarks”, features local businesses and story’s every Sunday at 6am to help gain awareness.