Our Training

Marketing is a continually evolving science, and at Mid-West Family Marketing our team is continually striving to be experts in the newest concepts and strategies.

In addition to the 2-month training we provide to all new Account Executives, Mid-West Family also provides our team with multiple training opportunities each year.

We have in-house training in market and also through our Mid-West Family University and Mid-West Family Superstars programs.

As a group with our 7 other Mid-West Family markets, 2 to 3 times per year we bring in some of the top marketing professionals in the country to train our team.  Roy Williams, Jim Doyle, Don Beveridge, Paul Weyland, and the Gitomer Group are just some of the presenters at recent Mid-West Family conferences.

Additionally, Chuck Mefford and Lighthouse Communications are constant partners of our Mid-West Family marketing team.  They provide training and strategy advice throughout the year, in addition to the two annual Brandsformation workshops.

At Mid-West Family our priority is being the absolute best marketing experts we can be, and that only happens by constantly learning and striving to know more.  You and your business deserve the best and that’s exactly what we strive to be!