Springfield Smile Doctor Testimonial

Kim Harris has been a lifesaver for my business. The world of marketing and advertising can be so overwhelming and expensive for the small business owner. My experience with other modes of advertising left a bad taste in my mouth- sales reps were quick to sell the time and space, but offered no added value or assistance with strategy.

This has never been the case with Kim. She knows that marketing dollars are wasted if a tried and true strategy is not put in place. Her first goal is the determine what your business goals are for your advertising, then she creates a strategy, and only then recommends how best to spend your marketing dollars. Because of this strategy, we have seen steady growth in our new clients.

Kim keeps at it too- she doesn’t leave you high and dry after you commit your marketing dollars. She checks in regularly to see how you are doing and keeps me on track with my marketing strategy. Kim goes above and beyond the sale and provides a service that has been indispensable to my business.

Dr. Randi Green

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