Ozark Fence Testimonial

Entering into radio advertising seemed like a very intimidating task. We had no idea where to begin, what to talk about or how to talk about it. Luckily, we met Kim Harris with Midwest Family Marketing. Kim made the entire process incredibly straight forward and easy. With the help of both Kim and Midwest Family Marketing we developed a brand slogan and an overall marketing message. Creating the individual ads is as simple as having several conversations a year and simply talking about our business and what we would like to talk to our customers about, Kim is always patient and full of exciting ideas. We feel that we receive an incredible bonus in value from all the help Kim provides, she’s really an unbelievable asset to our company.

The cost of radio was substantial compared to our previous marketing budgets and we were unsure if it would be worth the investment, I can confirm that it definitely was. After a year of constant radio advertisement our sales were up by double digits, with no significant change in the economy or our business practices. To say we’re satisfied with the return on our investment would be an incredible understatement.

Due to both how easy they make they process and the tremendous value we feel we receive I encourage everyone to at least have a conversation with Kim and Midwest Family Broadcasting about your marketing needs, I’m sure glad I did. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Sincerely yours
Joe Everest

Ozark Fence