Fazoli's Testimonial

I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a note of appreciation for our partnership with your stations and especially with Kris Christiansen.

It has been about 1 ½ years since we started providing the free Fazoli’s lunches for the contest on 105.1 The Bull’s “Free Lunch Friday” Program. We were hesitant at first to be giving away free food every single week but decided to give it a chance in exchange for the marketing benefit. Happily, we continue to participate!

This has been an excellent, easy way for us to promote our great catering menu and get a tasteful reminder out to the community who may have forgotten about Fazoli’s, too. I don’t have the exact numbers but I know we have garnered some repeat catering business from this program relationship and fully trust that word of mouth carries a long way with the recipients, too.

Also, Kris has been great to keep us in mind, give us a call, and offer us other opportunities to provide or donate catering food for certain events fitting for us- such as the recent golf tournament. She even took the time out to reply afterwards and let us know how impressed folks were with our Fazoli’s catering and how pleased she was with our packaging and delivery, too.

From year-end 2015 to year-end 2016 we had catering sales increase of 29.6%. And, in comparing Q1 2016 to current Q1 2017, we had an additional 16.5% catering sales increase. During a quarter where the restaurant industry trend is to see a down dip in sales, we were thankful to have this increase in catering sales to help carry us forward. It has been a pleasure working with Kris and we truly appreciate Mid-West Family’s assistance through radio programming and websites on our behalf.
Donna K Jacobsen