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Mid-West Family Marketing Radio Advertising represents quality FM Radio stations KKLH, KOMG, KOSP & KQRA in the Springfield, Missouri market (#136).

Mid-West Family Marketing and it's member stations can offer your business access to key groups of consumers. This broad coverage, geographic and demographic, give you the power to maximize your radio advertising results.
 The bottom line is only through your success, that Mid-West Family Marketing succeeds.

Your adults 18-34: Lots of buying power and influence with impulsive spending habits. And more importantly it is a real age of acquisition!
Adult 25-54: BIG discretionary incomes, it is today's most sought after demographic.
Mature Adults 55+: Wealthiest consumer group, spending as they wish on themselves and others.
We have 4 FM radio stations, Q102.1 - KQRA, 104.7 The Cave - KKLH, 105.1 THE BULL - KOMG and 92.9 The Beat - KOSP.

With Mid-West Family Marketing radio advertising, your message gets to all three of these coveted consumer groups - combining to thoroughly cover the all-important 24-54 demographic. Different people of different ages have different tastes, needs and wants. With Mid-West Family Marketing radio advertising, you have access to the heart of the Ozarks spending demographics. When you have a great product or service to offer, it needs to presented to the right people with the right frequency to maximize your potential return on your advertising investment. Mid-West Family Marketing gets POWERFUL RESULTS for your business!

Cost-Efficient advertising is advertising which GETS RESULTS, not that costs the least. At Mid-West Family Marketing, we have proven formulas to help your business get results and to help you maximize your advertising investment. The staff and management at Mid-West Family Marketing continuously strive to "never ask for your business, UNLESS we have a solid strategy to help improve your business, profitably!"

Marketing Ideas that SELL - "Money Flows to Good Ideas!" A great offer that is clearly and creatively stated  and then repeated enough times will produce positive, profitable results for your company

For more information on Radio Advertising with Mid-West Family Marketing, please contact Brian Tyndall below:

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